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A near-bankrupt American is kidnapped by desperate gangsters in India.

A criminal by profession, Bhai Saab has always been envious of others - especially of Dhananjay Singh, who has risen from petty crime, to extortion/kidnapping, and is now the Animal Welfare Minister. He tries a hand at kidnapping but is unable to even negotiate a ransom, and his most intelligent henchman, Anni, shoots himself when he tries to kill a victim. Then a wealthy American-based NRI (Non-Resident Indian) businessman, Om Shastri, comes to visit his extended family in their mansion in the village. Bhai has Om kidnapped until he gets a ransom, but things get complicated when word gets out to other gangsters, Ali, and a female Gabbar, Munni. Bhai will be in for more shocks when he finds out that dreaming of making wealth in America, whose reputation has been tarnished by Bill Clinton's affair with Monica, and the tyranny of George W. Bush, has now been turned into a greater American nightmare - with the onus on Barrack Obama - who is perceived to be both Bhagwan Hanuman and Superman - to put things right for this beleaguered nation; the impact the recession has on India and its' gangsters - with Om, who has lost everything, is facing a bank-takeover of his residence - and does not even have money to return home.


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