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Destiny. Faith (Marisa Tomei) believes that two soul-mates can be united if they find each other. From the Ouija board, she has found the name of her missing half, and it is D-A-M-O-N ...

In Pittsburgh, mid-twentysomething Faith Corvatch, a Catholic school teacher, has always believed in destiny. Based on a couple of paranormal incidents when she was a teenager, Faith believed she was destined to end up with a man named Damon Bradley, which is, to her, solely a name and not an actual person she knows. Regardless, she has accepted the marriage proposal of her staid podiatrist boyfriend, Dwayne. Ten days before the wedding at the start of a weekend, Faith takes a telephone call for Dwayne from one of Dwayne's old friends who he has not seen in years, that person named Damon Bradley, he hanging up the phone before she realizes his name. With five days before her next class, Faith decides to follow her destiny by tracking down Damon Bradley based only on what information she has on hand, namely that he is flying to Venice, and the name of the hotel he will be staying at there. So with her sister-in-law Kate Corvatch in tow, Kate who is having her own marital issues as she feels unappreciated by her husband/Faith's brother, Larry Corvatch, her childhood sweetheart, Faith hops on a plane to Venice, planning to be back in Pittsburgh in time for her next class and for the wedding. Faith and Kate get into one close encounter after another with the phantom Damon Bradley without ever seeing him as they track him through Italy. When Faith finally meets Damon, who she finds is a Boston shoe salesman in Italy on a business trip, it is love at first sight on both sides. But there is one important and major piece of information about Damon concerning Faith's belief in her destiny which Faith will have to overcome if there is to be a happy ending for the pair as opposed to a life of settling for Dwayne. Meanwhile, Kate's own love life may become more complicated as she is wooed by a suave Italian, a shop owner named Giovanni, who does know of Kate's marital status.


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