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Conservative street cop DaSilva reluctantly agrees to terminate an international terrorist who has demanded media attention. But DaSilva's "at-home" tactics are very much put to the challenge.

Wulfgar a terrorist, who has been plaguing Europe, is now in the U.S. A British counter terrorism expert arrives in New York City to help and he chooses Detectives from the NYPD to train on how to deal with Wulfgar. Among the ones he chooses is Deke De Silva, a veteran cop, who doesn't he think he is suited for the job. But tries to do the best he can. Eventually he comes face to face with Wulfgar and hesitates shooting him despite being told that he should shoot him if he has the chance, which not only allows him to escape but to injure his partner. Wulfgar now has his sights set on him as well as his other targets. DeSilva can now only wait for Wulfgar to make his next move.


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