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Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

In 1959, an alien throws an experiment from his spaceship to the space and the capsule crashes on Earth. The college students Pam and Johnny are dating in a parking area nearby the location and believe it is a falling star. Steve decides to investigate, but they are warned by Pam's former boyfriend, the police officer Ray Cameron, that a maniac is killing people in that area with an ax. However Steve leaves Pam and walks in the woods looking for the star and a slug-like creature jumps into his mouth. In 1986, the college students Chris and the disabled J.C. are best friends and Chris has a crush on Cynthia Cronenberg, who is the girlfriend of the cocky Brad. They decide to join Brad's fraternity to impress Cynthia and Brad tells that they need to bring a corpse and leave in front of another fraternity. They go to the Med School Laboratory of the Corman University and find Johnny's body in a cryogenic chamber. They remove the corpse from the chamber but get scared and leave the body on the floor. However, Johnny leaves the laboratory and releases slugs that transform people into zombies. Detective Ray Cameron is in charge of the investigation and initially believes that it is a prank. But soon he realizes that the campus is crowded of zombies.


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