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Pooja Sahani, Tina Kapoor and Raj Khanna are childhood inseparable friends who live in Simla, India. Raj loves Tina silently but prefer wait on the right moment to express his love. When Raj migrates to Great Britain he promises Tina that he will keep in contact with her via electronic mail; but Tina is least interested in the technologies world and instead asks Pooja to respond to Raj. When Raj returns to India years later all is reveal to him and the situations changes the lives of the three friends especially when Raj finds out that Pooja is the one who loves him and Tina is a different person all together. —gavin (racktoo@hotmail.com)e mailfriendshipchildhood friendbest friendmix up5 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisGenresComedyDramaFamilyMusicalRomanceCertificateNot RatedParents guideAdd content advisory


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