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A chemist finds his personal and professional life turned upside down when one of his chimpanzees finds the fountain of youth.

Barnaby Fulton, a chemist, is working on a youth formula for a chemical company by testing it on chimps. His very understanding wife, Edwina, helps him by being very supportive. His boss' secretary helps by displaying her legs, which are wearing Barnaby's indestructible hose. When Esther, the chimp, mixes her own formula, and it gets in the water cooler in the lab, the fun begins! Barnaby goes back in age twice, as does Edwina. Wild rides in a hot sports car, roller skating, jive dancing, and scalping Edwina's childhood boyfriend, Hank Entwhistle, all ensue. Barnaby and Edwina live happily ever after, supervising Esther's formula-making.


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