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Amidst a sea of litigation, two New York City divorce lawyers find love.

  • Peter Howitt
  • Deep River Productions
  • Irish DreamTime
  • Initial Entertainment Group (IEG)
In New York, the efficient, insecure and single divorce lawyer Audrey Woods faces the charming, unethical but also efficient divorce lawyer Daniel Rafferty in a litigation case. On the evening before the trial, they date and drink a lot, they have one night stand, and she loses her first case in court when Daniel uses information disclosed by Audrey in their meeting in the previous night. She becomes upset with him and their competition increases, until the rock star Thorne Jamison and his wife Serena hire Audrey and Daniel respectively in the millionaire divorce case. They have to go to Ireland, where they get married after a drinking night. When they wake up in the next morning, they have to face the new reality of husband and wife.


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