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Reba the poacher is back, now an EPA agent. Black Lake is turned into a crocodile sanctuary surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school field ...

The Black Lake is isolated from the local inhabitants by an electric barrier built by the Army engineers. The engineer Ryan Loflin and his son Max are working in the protection barrier and Sheriff Theresa Giove is trying to exterminate the crocodiles from the lake working with the former poacher Reba . When the sheriff's daughter Chloe accepts the invitation of her schoolmates to go to a camping party by the lake, the reckless driver does not pay attention on the road, crosses the gate and mistakenly stops by the Black Lake. Meanwhile a group of poachers led by the hunter Jim Bickerman also trespass the gate to hunt crocodiles and seek worthy crocodile eggs. Soon they are attacked by giant crocodiles.


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