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After almost getting killed in a terrorist attack during an international mission, Pablo, a Spanish military doctor returns home to heal his wounds with his family. Soon Pablo starts ...

In 2004, Spanish military doctors Pablo and Diego are in humanitarian mission in Iraq. After a terrorist attack on the road, Pablo and Diego seek refugee in a house in a small village. Pablo is forced to kill a teenager and his father in self-defense and he faints seriously wounded. He awakes in a hospital in Spain and soon he goes home with amnesia to be with his wife Ángela and daughter Pilar. A man called Baza seeks Pablo out and gives a contract of confidentiality for him to sign; in return, his family and he would be financially supported by the Spanish army. However Pablo blames himself for the death of the Iraqi teenager and his father and he wants to recollect what happens. He meets Diego and finds the truth about the incident. What will be his attitude?


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