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Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story.

High school senior John Smith, who with his father Henri have just moved to the small town of Paradise, Ohio, is outwardly your typical American teenager. However, John, which is just his latest assumed name, in reality is from the planet Lorien. When he was a just an infant, he and eight other Lorien infants escaped from Lorien when the planet was overrun by the marauding Mogadorians, who killed all the other Loriens. Each of the nine was assigned a "protector" warrior, John's being Henri. The nine are all on Earth, but each has no idea the whereabouts of the other eight. The Mogadorians are out to find and kill the nine in order, John who is number four. His and Henri's move to Paradise was after John felt that number three was killed, meaning that he will be next. Although John is aware of his heritage, he only knows life on Earth as being his true history, and thus has many of those wants of the American teenager. Their move to Paradise coincides with John beginning to understand that he has special powers, which was why he was one of the chosen nine. Although Henri wants him to stay under the radar, John has a less than an inauspicious introduction to life in Paradise, largely because of his associations with classmates. One is with Sam, who is the oft picked upon boy, largely because his father, who long went missing, had always believed in extraterrestrial life, that belief which he passed onto Sam. The other is Sarah Hart, the first girl to who John has ever been attracted. The issue with Sarah is that she is the ex-girlfriend of Mark James, the football team's quarterback and chief bully who still wants Sarah back despite he having bad mouthed her publicly since their break-up. John's notoriety in combination with the problems of John dealing with the regular issues of teenaged life may make John and Henri easier to find by the Mogadorians, and thus place the lives of all those in Paradise in danger. All the while, Henri continues with his primary other mission which is to help John find the remaining five, who in combination can better battle the Mogadorians.


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