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Violence in Korean High School, especially inside the WaSanGo (Volcano High). You won't be able to escape.

  • Tae-gyun Kim
  • CJ Entertainment
  • Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)
  • Shin Seung-soo Productions
This year is the 108th anniversary of the Korean high School "WaSanGo" (Volcano High). Principal hides himself with "Secret Manuscript" which every WaSanGo student wants to take from principal... Kyang-Soo Kim (Jang Hyuk) fell asleep in physics lessons when teacher writes X and turn to Kyang-Soo. Teacher threw chalk to Kyang-Soo but Kyang-Soo stop the chalk and push the chalk to trap teacher at blackboard, and was being expelled from his 8th high school. Kyang-Soo farewell with his friends and reach WaSanGo, his 9th high school. Kyang-Soo was shocked by the brilliant martial skills of the WSG students. Kyang-Soo first met "Dark Oxen" Jang-Rhang. Kyang-Soo also met the prettiest girl "Yoo Chae-I", "Icy Jade", in WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo get inside the school corridor and met "Tea Expert" Hak-Rim(Sang-Woo Kwone). Hak-Rim finish tea bottle and handed to vice-principal (principal is absent) to let principal to taste his made tea leaves. Lunch time, a WSG student was eating "Fujian ToFu". Jang-Rhang hates "Fujian Tofu" because "Fujian Tofu" makes Jang-Rhang to memorize his angry and hideous mother. Jang-Rhang pull the student for fight. Hak-Rim came in time and blocked Jang-Rhang to hit that WSG classmate, got onto Jang-Rhang's nerves. Jang-Rhang order the changing of Hak-Rim's tea leaves into poisoned leaves, and kill the principal. Checking Principal's deceased body, Vice-Principal got a written paper. It wrote "Suspect : (1) Vice-Principal (2) Song Hak-Rim (WSG Tea Expert)". Hak-Rim was being called and was jailed. "Yoo Chae-I" felt Hak-Rim innocent and plan to help Hak-Rim, visit Hak-Rim with her best female friend. Hak-Rim ask "Yoo Chae-I" to bring Kyang-Soo. When Kyang-Soo is brought to Hak-Rim, Hak-Rim teach Kyang-Soo everything he (Hak-Rim Song) knows, and counted on Kyang-Soo to defeat Jang-Rhang. Jang-Rhang challenge all WSG students with a "2-day ultimatum". "Yoo Chae-I" trained her sword skills harder to prepare for the facing of this 2-day-challenge. But it was actually "Jang-Rhang tells IcyJade he loves her". "Yoo Chae-I" refused Jang-Rhang. One day, "Yoo Chae-I" get into the male bathroom/toilet and was being reported by the male victim, and was going to be expelled from WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo ask vice-principal to keep "Yoo Chae-I". "Yoo Chae-I" was being impressed and began to love Kyang-Soo. The final battle of WSG, Jang-Rhang versus Kim "HandSome" Kyang-Soo. Finally Jang-Rhang was being defeated and Kyang-Soo was being praised by "Yoo Chae-I". But Kyang-Soo saw "Yoo Chae-I" and collapsed. "Yoo Chae-I" was worried of Kyang-Soo. Hak-Rim was happy to receive the news, though Hak-Rim can't be released. Kyang-Soo graduated from Wasango.


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