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Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.

Friends Nick Hendricks, Kurt Buckman and Dale Arbus are average guys who want to work hard to get ahead in their respective jobs, but they each have the same professional problem in achieving this goal: they have a horrible boss and a job difficult to escape without starting from scratch. At the financial firm where he works, Nick's sadistic boss, Dave Harken, has long implied to Nick that he is in line for a senior vice-president position which was the farthest thing from Dave's mind. Kurt, who works for a family owned chemical company, used to have the best boss in the world in Jack Pellitt until he died, which meant that the reigns of the company were passed to his insensitive cocaine-induced son, Bobby Pellitt. And dental hygienist Dale's boss, Dr. Julia Harris, is sexually harassing him, which is made worse as Julia vows to tells Dale's fiancée that they did sleep together if he doesn't. He knows he can't get another job due to being on the sexual predator list for an innocent incident. After the three initially joke about wanting to kill their respective bosses, Dale is the first to state that he really wants to do it, to which the other two agree. As they are just three average guys, they have no idea how to go about doing it or even hiring a hit-man. With a supposed hit-man named Motherfucker Jones as their advisor and television crime shows and old murder mystery movies as their guides, the three go about trying to determine the best way to kill the three bosses while keeping as far away from the crimes as possible. Even with their guides, they commit a few errors in the initial reconnaissance and intelligence gathering stage which may thwart the entire plan. The motivations of Julia, Bobby and especially Dave, as well as Nick, Kurt and Dale's own morals may also factor into the success or failure of carrying out their mission.


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