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Before Tilda's parents can put her beloved grandfather in an old people's home due to his progressing Alzheimer disease, she takes him on one last adventure that subliminally threatens to tear her family apart.

The story is about TILDA and her grandfather AMANDUS who has Alzheimer's. This special connection approaches the disease in a humorous but emotional way, without forgetting about its tragedy. Amandus's condition is getting worse after his wife died. It seems to be a desperate situation, because Tilda's parents SARAH and NIKO cannot take care of him. Tilda doesn't want to have her granddad in a nursing home, so she kind of kidnaps him and helps him fulfill his last big dream. . . to see Venice once again. Venice is the place where Amandus and his wife met first and fell in love. A very special adventure begins: a ten-year-old girl and a seventy-year-old Alzheimers's patient are on their way to Italy.


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