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After a tragic accident nearly claims the life Luke Gibson (Gooding Jr.) the Hexx Corporation hardwire an implant into Luke's brain, it saves his life, but Luke soon finds out that this new technology comes at price, advertising.

  • Ernie Barbarash
  • Stage 6 Films
  • Insight Film Studios
  • Motion Picture Corporation Of America (MPCA)
In a future world dominated by the corporations, Luke Gibson is driving his beloved pregnant wife Veronica to her work on the day of his birthday; out of the blue, a truck hits their car. Luke's medical insurance is expired and he is doomed to die; however, the executive of the Hope Corporation Virgil proposes Luke's sister to submit him to an experimental surgery with the implant of a chip in his brain. Luke awakes and soon he discovers that he has visions and he is Subject 373 of a secret project. He is helped by a team of hackers formed by Keyboard that became paraplegic after being shot by a henchman of the Hope Corporation; his father Hal; Punk Blue; and Punk Red. Luke tries to recover his memories and discover the objective of the mysterious project.
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