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Happy Endings weaves multiple stories to create a witty look at love, family and the sheer unpredictablity of life itself.

Mamie Toll is an abortion clinic counselor with a massage therapist lover, Javier, and a secret: when she was younger, she and her gay stepbrother, Charley Peppitone, had a child she gave up for adoption. One day, Nicky Kunitz, a sleazy filmmaker, shows up and plans to blackmail her with information on her child's whereabouts so that he can film the reunion and use it to get into the AFI. Charley now runs his father's restaurant with his lover, Gil, and suspects that their lesbian friends, Pam and Diane, lied about using Gil's sperm to create a child so that they wouldn't have to share him with them. Jude has been kicked out of her cousin's house and is now living with the latent Otis, who lives with his widower father, Frank McKee, who has become infatuated with Jude. What Jude didn't count on was actually falling in love with Frank. In the end, will anyone have a happy ending?


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