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After an accident leaves a young man dead, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic.

Sam Wheat and his fiancée Molly Jensen live in Manhattan. Sam has a high powered job at a local bank, and Molly works on ceramic art. Sam's friend Carl Bruner also works at the bank. Sam holds the passwords to some of the bank's major accounts. While returning home from a movie theater, Sam and Molly are attacked by a mugger named Willie Lopez. As Sam and Willie struggle over Willie's gun, a shot rings out, and Willie runs off. Sam chases Willie, but Willie escapes. Sam then runs back to Molly to see if she's alright -- but Sam finds himself dead in a devastated Molly's arms, and Sam realizes that he is now a ghost. Later, Willie finds Sam and Molly's home, and breaks in while Molly is busy in the bedroom. Sam scares Willie off before Willie can do anything. Molly didn't even know Willie and Sam were in the place. Sam follows Willie to his home, and wants to have Molly turn Willie in, but Sam can't communicate with Molly because Molly can't see him or hear him. Sam visits spiritualist Ona May Brown, who can hear him, but not see him. When Sam convinces Ona May to talk to Molly, Molly refuses to believe what Ona May says, and Carl tells Molly to have nothing to do with Ona May. Sam follows Carl to Willie's apartment, thinking that Carl is about to confront Willie, but instead, Sam watches in shock as Carl chews Willie out for killing Sam. Willie was not supposed to kill Sam -- Willie was supposed to steal the account passwords from Sam's wallet for Carl, so Carl could carry out a drug money laundering operation. Now Sam and Ona May must protect Molly from both Willie and Carl, who thinks the account passwords are in Molly's home.


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