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An unsuccessful comedian uncovers a family secret and learns the true price of letting inherent talent shine.

When comedian Tommy Fawkes has his big chance in a theatre in Vegas, his father, a once-famous comedian himself, wins the crowd for him. Tommy's performance is disastrous, and so he flees his ruined life and tries to find the funniest sketches in the world. For this task he returns to the British seaside town of Blackpool, where he spent his childhood. There he meets not only the most obscure comedians, but also the Parker Family, who were his father's partners, and who have a son, Jack, in whom fun shows its tragic side. Soon Tommy and Jack have to go through a series of turbulent action, being harassed by Tommy's father, the mayor of Blackpool, French sailors, a most bizarre and wealthy art collector, and the ghosts from their own past. They discover not only magic eggs, but also a secret deeply hidden in their families.


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