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An insomniac office worker, looking for a way to change his life, crosses paths with a devil-may-care soap maker, forming an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more...

This film was based on a 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk. It follows the story of an unnamed protagonist who has the typical American life. He has a good job, an apartment filled with nice things, yet he still feels dead inside. This film is his journey to find meaning in his life, which draws him to an intriguing man named Tyler Durden. The narrator and Tyler start fighting just to feel alive, and it eventually spawns into a secret club where men get together to fight for fun. The narrator gets concerned when he realizes Tyler has much bigger plans for the club, which expands to a nation-wide rebel group known as "Project Mayhem". Rent this film on Netflix to see if the narrator, who is a symbol for the average person, can find meaning and live a fulfilled life.

The film begins with the protagonist, an unnamed narrator, visiting a doctor to cure his insomnia. Instead of prescribing him pills, the doctor suggests he visit a support group of people with severe conditions to put his condition in perspective. He soon becomes addicted to support groups when he attends a testicular cancer support group, where his ruse as a cancer patient gave him an emotional release that helped him sleep. While going to these meetings he meets a girl named Marla. He realizes she is also addicted to support groups, and he makes a pact with her so they don't end up at the same groups. The plot takes a turn when the narrator meets a man named Tyler Durden on a business flight. Tyler is a soap salesman with heavy anti-government and anti-consumerist views. He gives the narrator his card, and the narrator gives him a call when he returns home to find his apartment exploded. He meets Tyler at a local bar and the two eventually step outside to have their first fight.

The two men fight in the parking lot and draw a crowd. They do this every week as the crowds get bigger and bigger. Eventually they start the official club in the bar's basement. At this time Marla overdoses, but the narrator ignores her. Tyler swoops in and comes to Marla's rescue, and the pair start a relationship. The club continues to grow, with Tyler traveling around to start new clubs in dozens of cities. When he starts "project mayhem" the narrator goes to Tyler and demands more responsibility in the group. At this time Tyler disappears while the narrator runs the organization. He has a change of heart when one of the organization's members is shot and killed by police during an operation. He wants to shut down the project but Tyler is nowhere to be found. He follows Tyler's travel records and is led to a shocking discovery about the true identity of Tyler Durden that changes his entire perspective. Check out this film on Netflix to see who Tyler really is, and if the narrator can stop him from carrying out his final plan.

This film starred Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden and Edward Norton as the unnamed narrator. These two performances are often hailed by critics as one of the best in their respective careers. It was filmed in Los Angeles over 138 days and finished with a budget of $63 million. The film was first screened at the 56th Venice International Film Festival. It opened in theaters on October 15, 1999. It grossed $11.03 million its opening weekend and a total of $37 million in its domestic theater run. Its additional $63 million in the international market brought the total gross to $100 million.


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