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  • Sean McConville
  • Production Companies
  • KRU Studios
  • Enso Entertainment
  • Films In Motion

Alice, 32, a writer recovering from a psychological breakdown retreats to a remote Victorian house to convalesce and focus on finishing her screenplay in time for a fast-approaching deadline. Shortly after her arrival, mysterious noises and strange happenings cause her imagination to run wild, sending her on a twisting and terrifying pursuit to find out what is behind the endless mind games. Frightened but intrigued, Alice gathers the courage to go up into the cold, dingy attic where she finds a shoe box filled with mini-DV tapes. The terrifying secret that lies within the tapes will unravel Alice's dark past.writerburying a dead bodyfalling from a staircase balconysuicidedrowning8 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesFocus your fear.GenresDramaHorrorThrillerCertificateRParents guide


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