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Younger generation vs. "older" folks on vacation at an Italian villa.

  • Robert Mulligan
  • Universal International Pictures (UI)
  • 7 Pictures
  • Raoul Walsh Enterprises
Wealthy New York based businessman Robert Talbot owns a villa in Italy where he has spent every September since the war with his Italian girlfriend, Lisa Fellini. But the people associated with the villa feel Robert has taken them for granted. Lisa would really like to marry Robert, but he seems content to continue with these annual month long trysts, as he has never even broached the subject of marrying her. As such, she has accepted the marriage proposal of a staid Brit named Spencer, which she plans to tell Robert on his next September visit simply by being a newly married woman. And his villa servants, led by his majordomo, Maurice Clavell, believe he thinks the villa is up kept by magic. What they have done for the past six years without his knowledge is to open up the villa as a four star hotel for the eleven months he isn't there, using the money to make improvements to the villa, and pocketing the rest. Complications ensue when Robert unexpectedly comes to Italy in July for a business trip, which catches both Lisa and Maurice by surprise. Although Robert does find out about the hotel, it is more difficult both to fire Maurice and the servants, and get rid of the current guests than he would like, those guests which include Margaret Allison and her six American charges. Margaret, with who Maurice is mutually smitten as she is under the impression that he owns the hotel, has regularly chaperoned a group of American teenaged girls to Italy. And Lisa decides to spend this one last year with Robert before getting married to and without telling him about Spencer. Out of this situation erupts a battle of the sexes and of the generations as Robert, while Margaret is incapacitated and while they are all on his property, feels he needs to protect the girls, especially from a group of four brash American college boys who have also come to stay, he telling the girls one thing while dealing with Lisa in a whole different manner. And the boys feel they need to use their youth to outlast Robert in his games of protecting the girls from them.


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