The Office set to expire in September

Fans of The Office on Netflix should pay close attention right now. The wildly popular American version of the smash hit British comedy television series is currently set to expire from the streaming website's vast selection of movies and television programs in September. This juicy scoop was acquired by a fansite dedicated to Netflix. Fansite writer Maft gathers details that pertain to expiry dates and then makes them available for all to see on his page. 

Lesser known television programs and movies are regularly eliminated from the site without too many people noticing. Things seem to be a little different for September, however, as it appears that many large programs are scheduled to be taken off during that month. The American "The Office" is far from the only Netflix selection that will have its fans shedding tears. Other examples of Netflix offerings that are going to taken away are Judd Apatow's hilarious This is 40 and Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants and iCarly. The Undateables will say goodbye to the illustrious Netflix library, as well. 

People who love watching the sheer hilarity of episodes of The Office on Netflix don't necessarily have to start pouting and stomping their feet down on the ground just yet, however. While The Office is definitely on the streaming site's dreaded expiry list, hope is in no way all gone. As the expiry date in September draws closer and closer, there exists a possibility that the television series may be renewed and therefore available for people to keep watching whenever and wherever they please. There are absolutely no guarantees of this at all, however. Netflix users who are worried that The Office may be gone from the site's selection in a matter of mere weeks or less should take immediate action before their opportunity runs out. They should visit the website and stream as many episodes of the program as time allows, starting with ones they haven't actually been able to see yet.

Parents who have youngsters who adore watching iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants on Netflix should also take swift action. Since these Nickelodeon favorites may no longer be available to view on the streaming site, parents should let their children stream these programs before the month of August comes to an end. Although Netflix's film and television show library consists of a vast selection of options that are great for children of all different age groups, iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants are both sure to be very missed by many. 

People who depend on Netflix to get their television and movie fixes should never assume that anything up on the site is there on a permanent basis. While some television shows and movies have indeed been available to stream on the site for a long period of time, nothing is ever a guarantee. If you're a Netflix viewer who finds that you truly love a specific movie or television program up on the site, try to take action by buying DVDs in the event that they reach their expiry dates and get taken off. You don't want to deprive yourself of any film and TV goodness, after all.