Netflix Subscriber Numbers and Revenues

Netflix has seen tremendous growth of the last few quarters and with the recent release of the Netflix 2015 earnings letter we can now take a look at exactly how well the movie streaming company is performing. To summarise we’ve put this together in an infographic below, but we’ve also included a more detailed explanation for those of you who are interested.

What does this data tell us? 

Well the most obvious thing to take from this is that subscriber numbers and revenues at Netflix are increasing each quarter, which is great news as that means more movies and TV shows to stream! Subscribers are currently sitting at around 65million (that’s active paying accounts) and revenues at around $1.4billion (yes, BILLION) per quarter. 

With the launch of Netflix Japan later in 2015 this number is sure to rise even further. These huge revenue figures are great news for movie and TV lovers – We should be seeing more Netflix original programming and perhaps even some original Netflix movies! Netflix original programming has been pretty damn good in the past so we hold high hopes for this.

USA vs The World

Whilst the USA still makes up the bulk of Netflix subscriber numbers and revenues, the rest of the world is slowly catching up. Currently, 67% of Netflix subscribers are from the USA, whilst Netflix subscriber numbers in Europe, South America and Australia account for around 24% (rounded figures).

The revenue split is roughly the same too, with USA Netflix subscribers brining in only slightly less revenue per subscriber than the rest of the world. With the upcoming launch of Netflix Japan it’s likely that we’ll see the rest of the world revenues increase even higher than they currently are.

It’s not just Netflix Streaming!

When someone says Netflix we instantly think about streaming movies and TV shows, but let’s not forget where Netflix started – with DVD rentals! It might be surprising to most people but Netflix’s DVD rental service is still going strong in the USA, generating over $59million per year for the company, mainly from areas where internet connectivity is poor. Revenue from DVD rentals is however decreasing year on year, and it likely won’t be long before Netflix becomes a streaming only platform.

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