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A strait-laced pharmacist's uneventful life spirals out of control when he starts an affair with a trophy-wife customer who takes him on a joyride involving sex, drugs and possibly murder.

  • Geoff Moore
  • David Posamentier
  • Occupant Entertainment
  • Altus Productions
  • Aegis Film Fund
Despite liking and being good in his profession as a pharmacist, Doug Varney has an unsatisfying life. He has long worked at Bishop's, the only pharmacy in the small town of Woodbury. The pharmacy is owned by his controlling father-in-law Walter Bishop. Even when Doug "inherits" the pharmacy, Walter makes it clear that he is still the figurehead by not letting Doug change the name to Varney's. With Walter still as that figurehead, the staff at the pharmacy run roughshod over Doug. Doug's wife Kara is equally as controlling. She is an ultra-competitive competitive road cyclist, she having won not only the women's division but overall the Tour de Woodbury six years running. She takes control of the household, including all the decisions concerning the raising of their now twelve year old son, Ethan. Her permissiveness in those decisions has resulted in Ethan acting out, which she in turn attributes to Doug not manning-up in being a suitable role model for Ethan. Things in Doug's life have the potential to change when he meets beautiful Elizabeth Roberts, new to Woodbury and to Bishop's. Elizabeth is in an equally unsatisfying marriage to her older husband, Jack Roberts. She believes he sees her only as a trophy wife, who he will probably dump when she gets to be too old. Despite not being a match on the surface, Doug and Elizabeth bond over their mutually unhappy lives. They begin an affair, with Elizabeth showing him how to make his life more fulfilling, including using his access to and knowledge of drugs for their own personal benefit. With Doug becoming a new man, he has to decide if he will take it to the next logical step by making him and Elizabeth a permanent thing, which if they have any chance for a comfortable life means killing Jack so that they can live off of his money. In addition to other things going on because of these changes, two items that may factor into Doug's decision are the fact that DEA agent Andrew Carp is doing a routine inspection of the pharmacy due to the fact that it has changed hands, and when Doug eventually meets Jack in the flesh...


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