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The life of super-yuppie J.C. is thrown into turmoil when she inherits a baby from a distant relative.

Management consultant J.C. Wiatt is a workaholic whose sole focus in life is her job at Sloane Curtis. She works 80 hour weeks and expects others around her to do the same. She is in a relationship with Steven Buchner, an equally driven investment banker; their life together works only because of their lack of need for a truly committed time together. J.C. is well on her way to making partner at the company. On the eve of the biggest business meeting of her career, she finds out that she has been deeded an infant named Elizabeth from a distant relative who has just passed away. A baby does not fit her life plan, but after exhausting all the other options, she decides to keep Elizabeth, while still believing she can successfully climb the corporate ladder. A child also does not fit Steven's life plan, he who leaves. As J.C.'s focus begins to change, a baby of a single female executive also does not fit the ideal of managing partner Fritz Curtis, prodded indirectly by J.C.'s equally ambitious assistant Ken Arrenberg. J.C. decides to pack it all in and buy and move to a Vermont country "estate" with Elizabeth. J.C. quickly learns that country life, especially on that estate, is not what she was expecting. With no options to move back to the city, J.C. has to decide how best to move on with her life. She also has to figure out her priorities when a business opportunity arises. Dr. Jeff Cooper, the local veterinarian, factors into her decision making.


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