Netflix Movies Starring Britt Leach

Chubby and engaging character actor Britt Leach was born on July 18, 1938 in Gadsden, Alabama. Leach was often cast as no-nonsense police officers, scruffy everyday blue collar working class types, and crude hillbillies in both movies and TV shows alike. Britt graduated from the McCallie prep school in 1956. He was active in college theater. Leach graduated from Birmingham Southern College in the mid 60s. He attended Northwestern University for a short spell, but eventually dropped out and briefly worked in Army intelligence. His film and television career started in the early 70s. Leach's most memorable movie roles include boorish hick bartender Dan Oldum in the terrific "Jackson County Jail," hard-nosed detective Sergeant Cook in "Night Warning," cranky toy store manager Mr. Sims in the notorious sicko Santa slasher horror flick "Silent Night, Deadly Night," trailer park resident Mr. Read more on iMDB