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Sometimes love really hurts.

  • Norberto Ramos Del Val
  • Norberfilms
Toni, just about the average looking guy in his early twenties, is unable to understand women. He would do anything to get a date, but actually meeting one only makes him realize how fragile and lonely he really is. However, things are about to change. Over the internet, he meets Irene, a relentless woman who is going to give him a really hard time during a terrible, unpredictable and gradually unbreathable night. An angel or a demon, or maybe an angel-like demon. A sparkling, charming girl or a nutcase who's going to make him sweat blood. Who is going to make him unlearn every prejudice and misconception he has built around women. All of this takes place during his worst date ever -or maybe it is the best of them all, who knows- between the narrow walls of a quasi-deserted bar, while he is coping with the annoying interruptions of a meddlesome waiter, a violent ex and her even more insane and obnoxious boyfriend. That, and an absolutely stunned group of startled clients who turn out to be just about as lost and full of complexes as our hero is. It is the perfect setting for love -in its purest, truest and, yes, most toxic shape- to appear.


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