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Captured French Resistance fighter Andre Devigny awaits a certain death sentence for espionage in a stark Nazi prison. Facing malnourishment and paralyzing fear, he must engineer an ...

Lyon, 1943. A man named Fontaine, who worked for the French Resistance, is captured by the Nazis and held captive in a prison along with a multitude of other men and women the Nazis charge have or are plotting against them. None know what their fates will be, although they can hear executions by firing squad on site from their prison cells. When Fontaine settles into the second cell in which he is housed in the prison, he finds an opportunity possibly to find a way out of his cell without his captors knowing. From that starting point and a spoon he secretly keeps as his only tool, Fontaine decides that he will see if that escape from the cell, which will take meticulous planning and great patience in and of itself, can lead to an escape from the prison itself. Not knowing anyone in the prison before his arrival, he has to decide who he can and cannot trust, as he may have to have the cooperation of others along the way. Because this work to escape his cell may be specific to this one and only cell, his work, to be successful, is dependent on his cell not being checked, and for his day to day life being the same. A breach to this routine takes place just as he thinks he may have all the tools ready to make a legitimate escape attempt. He will have to make a decision on how to deal with this breach, one that he cannot take lightly due to the situation, for the plan even remotely to have a chance of success, which if it doesn't means certain death.


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