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  • Pat Williams
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  • Jessica gets dumped before Christmas. She sends 5 Christmas cards, affecting her BFF, brother, aunt, pop star, and past music/cello teacher, meeting her single, photographer son.

  • The film's Love Actually-esque premise revolves around the recently single Jessica (DeVitto), who sends Christmas cards to five people who have influenced her life: the aunt (Davidovich) who raised her, her younger brother in the military, a pop star Jax (Seeley) who provided the soundtrack to her life, the music teacher who inspired her, and her best friend, who always tells her the truth. As each person receives Jessica's card, they are sparked to act in their own lives to make them better.

  • Jessica, the owner of Strings and Notes, a music store, and a musician (cellist) in her own right who only plays for her own pleasure, loves everything about Christmas. After seeing them in her favorite coffee shop, she sends special Christmas cards to the five most important people in her life. Those cards and the included messages from Jessica affect the recipients profoundly. The first goes to her best friend and business partner, Mimi, who, along with her husband John, have decided to face the lies that have crept into their marriage. The second goes to her younger brother Carter, a private in the military, who is currently posted overseas and is away for Christmas for the first time. He has to decide whether or not to take a chance to express his romantic feelings for a fellow private, Angie, in light of the fact of his always sticking his foot in his mouth whenever he's around her, and they might only be together for a couple more weeks before they are off to their next respective postings. The third goes to her and Carter's Aunt Lila, who raised them like her own after their own parents died when they were children. Lila's receipt of the card coincides with her noticing a handsome man walking his dog through the neighborhood - who she ends up learning are Tom and Blitzen respectively - a connection to both she feels even in not knowing their story. The fourth goes to Jax, someone she personally does not know, he is a pop musician formerly in a successful boy band, their most famous song is "Luv U on Xmas" which has special meaning for her. Jax long ago walked away from the band after a failed solo career. Especially now at Christmas, Jax has to decide to parlay whatever gain he can get off that one hit which he came to hate or be true to his heart both professionally and personally. And the fifth was going to go to her most recent boyfriend of three months, Wes, an optician, until he unceremoniously broke up with her. Instead, the fifth goes to Mrs. Miller, who was her first cello teacher and inspired her to become a cellist. Instead of getting to Mrs. Miller directly, the card ends up in the hands of Luke, Mrs. Miller's adopted son, a photographer by profession who reluctantly works weddings more often than not to pay the bills and who, during the season, volunteers as a Santa mostly at St. Mary's group home where he was once a resident himself. Like Jessica, Luke has been unlucky in love. While Luke has not found the right person because he can tell within the first five minutes of a first date if there is even a chance, Jessica has had relationships much like the one with Wes, where she plays them out for as long as they last before each boyfriend comes to the realization that they are strictly going through the motions, most at around the three month mark. As Jessica and Luke begin to fall for each other, their relationship may not face a happy ending because each has misconceptions of the other.

  • Optician Wes dumps Jessica Winthrop after three months of pointless dating in a restaurant rather reputed for proposals, which she expected. Pouting, the cellist who stopped playing retreats in her buddy Mimi's music shop. Mimi is the first of five important loved ones she sends Christmas cards to, which seems to work wonders. Her brother, shy US Army mechanic Carter J.Winthrop, helping him to court military deliverer Angie Dawson. Next go widowed aunt Lili, who raised them orphaned, and over a cute dog left behind by a moving couple bonds with Blixen and fellow dog-loving neighbor Tom. Fourthly to her favorite boys band singer-songwriter Jax, who undoes the split and starts a romantic new repertoire, helped by his brother-manager. But the fifth, to her former music teacher Mrs. Miller, yields not only a brand new cello, which Mimi uses to force her to apply for the city's great orchestra, but also allows her meeting and falling in love with her charming adopted son Luke, a parish angel of mercy who never got over being dumped by his last lover.


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