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The film describes the sexual awakening and adventures of teen-aged Roger during the time of the outbreak of WWI.

  • Gianfranco Mingozzi
  • Antea Cinematografica
  • Lagonda Films
  • Les Films Ariane
In the summer of 1914, Roger, a 15-year-old schoolboy, returns home for his vacations after being away for three years in a boarding school. He returns home accompanied by the voluptuous Mrs Muller and right from the start, Roger's naughty glances here and there are definite signs that this will be no ordinary summer. Without a doubt, not much has changed in his absence, however, now Roger is almost a grown up man filled with an ever-growing sexual curiosity that demands attending. Furthermore, his parent's mansion is a tantalizing playground full of women, including his sisters, his aunt, the governess and the very promising maids. During the day, nothing much happens, so life can be somewhat boring for a teenager kept inside a vast and almost vacant house with nothing to do, though soon, Roger is about to discover each and every one's dirty little secrets thanks to the unimaginable situations behind closed doors that are bound to awaken the dormant, yet raw teenage sexual force. Before long, Roger will transform from a docile, gentle kid to a proper kinky little rascal, still, life has always something more to offer. When the WWI breaks out, the unexpected news reaches the mansion and for that reason, a call to arms will require every man in the house, leaving Roger alone to console the poor, unprotected women. Once tame Roger, will seize the opportunity and like a rooster in a hen house will ultimately perfect himself. After all, this is no ordinary summer...


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