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The quirky story of Vera and Axl who both live in the same London warehouse but whose paths never cross until fate steps in.

Axl and Vera are both recent arrivals to London and have both ended up living at the same squat in the east end of the city. However, their reasons for being in London are different. From Madrid, twenty year old Axl, who can't remember anything when he's drunk which happens more nights than not, is looking for his British biological father, who he has never met and who does not know Axl exists. He only knows his father's name: Anthony Hemmings. At the squat, Axl is taken under the wing of fellow squatter Mike, who not only wants to help Axl find Anthony if he can, but may provide Axl with some perspective about why he is on this task. Conversely, francophone Vera is running away from a failed relationship with Lucas. She is working as a book store clerk, a job to which she is not well suited. She meets a guy, a security agent at the airport, who is attracted to her and who she begins a physical relationship with, but with who she is otherwise remote. Both Axl and Vera have stalled in their lives because of their reasons for being in London. An evening they spend together may provide a catalyst to understanding their individual plights and being able to move on from them.


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