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Mr. Conductor's supply of magic gold dust, which allows him to travel between Shining Time and Thomas's island, is critically low. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to get more. Meanwhile,...

An evil diesel locomotive called Diesel 10 has arrived on the Island of Sodor, with the intention of destroying the steam locomotives. His plan is to locate a magical lost engine and destroy her in order to remove the magic from the Island. Sir Topham Hatt, normally in charge of the railways on Sodor, is on holiday and has left Mr. Conductor in charge. Mr. Conductor has problems of his own. The mysterious gold dust that allows him to magically transport from place to place is running out, and without it there will be no way for anyone to travel to Sodor. The lost engine is able to travel between Sodor and Muffle Mountain via the Magic Railroad, but nobody knows where she is. An old man named Burnett Stone lives on Muffle Mountain, near Shining Time. Unknown to everyone, he is the guardian of the lost engine. The engine crashed after an earlier encounter with Diesel 10, and ever since then he has been trying to repair her, so far without success.


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