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A look at the famous "Rat Pack" of the '60s, and how their glamorous alliances and carefree sophistication created a mythical lifestyle.

Biopic of Frank Sinatra and several of his cronies - dubbed the Rat Pack - during 1960-61. It was the beginning of change in America. Sinatra decides to support John F. Kennedy for President and sets about lining up the support of his friends. He is upset however when Joe Kennedy leans on him to use his purported mob connections to make sure his son wins first the nomination and then the election. Friend Sammy David Jr. falls in love with May Britt but again, pressure is put on Frank not to participate in the wedding as it may alienate southern voters. While Frank is asked to organize the inaugural ball, he again has to exclude Sammy for the same reason. The final blow is when the newly elected President visits Los Angeles and decides to stay with Bing Crosby - a Republican - rather that at his house.


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