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A pushy boss (Sandra Bullock) forces her young assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada.

Margaret Tate is the professionally well-respected but personally loathed senior editor at a prestigious New York publishing house. That personal loathing extends to her staff, who call her a witch behind her back, and to her life away from the office, she who is all alone in the world. Andrew Paxton, her efficient executive assistant, has put up with working for her for three years despite too loathing her solely in his career path to become an editor in his own right. A Canadian, Margaret learns that she is being deported back to Canada on expiration of her work visa. To avoid that deportation, she, with Andrew in attendance, tells, on a spur of the moment thought to company Board Chair Bergen, that she and Andrew are engaged and about to get married. In private with Margaret, Andrew agrees to her proposal on the guarantee that he immediately gets promoted to editor and that his own manuscript, which he long ago gave to Margaret to read, be published. Andrew holds to the agreement even after Margaret's case comes to the attention of Mr. Gilbertson at the Immigration Bureau, who threatens Andrew with prosecution for fraud if their imminent marriage is solely one of convenience. In preparation for their next immigration meeting, Andrew and Margaret will have the weekend truly to get to know each other as they head to Andrew's "Gammy Annie"'s ninetieth birthday party in Andrew's hometown of... Sitka, Alaska. There, Andrew may have an upper hand in his new relationship with Margaret as they feel she has more at stake in their arrangement, and as Margaret is a fish out of water in Alaska. But other issues that come into play are: Andrew's loving family, especially Gammy Annie and Andrew's mother, Grace, welcoming Margaret despite Andrew's previous rants about what a horrible person she is; Andrew's strained relationship with his wealthy father, Joe, over Joe not understanding why Andrew doesn't want to take over the family businesses in Sitka; and Andrew being reunited with his high school and college girlfriend, Gertrude, who he once asked to marry him. Over the course of the weekend under these circumstances, both Margaret and Andrew may come to a realization of what they really want in life.


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