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  • Waris Hussein
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Norah Benson (Shirley MacLaine), an affluent socialite living in Manhattan's Upper East Side, seems to be living the perfect life as a divorced mother of two. After her mother's suicide, she becomes a mother figure to her younger brother, Joel Delaney (Perry King). However, Joel begins to begin to act strangely. He tries to attack a man and is taken to a mental asylum. He loses his free-spirited kindness in exchange for a turbulent personality. After the twin shields of her affluence and naiveté have been broken down, Norah seeks the help of a spiritualist to attempt to exorcise the spirit of a murderer they believe to be possessing Joel. But Joel turns on Norah and threatens her life and those of her children. —R.M. Siegerboystrippingboy frontal nudityvoodootangier morocco148 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesIf you believe, no explanation is necessary. If you don't believe, no explanation is possible.GenresDramaHorrorThrillerCertificateRParents guide


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