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Dr. Laurience, a brilliant but unstable scientist experimenting with transferring minds, becomes vengeful when his magnate patron withdraws his support.

  • Robert Stevenson
  • Gainsborough Pictures
Eccentric scientist Dr. Laurience has cloistered himself and his equipment in a crumbling old manor house, shunned by superstitious locals, in rural England assisted only by Sanders, a crippled, embittered, misogynist misanthrope. They are joined by bright and beautiful Dr. Clare Wyatt, whom Laurience had met earlier in Genoa and invited to join him in his research. He admires her enthusiasm and open mind, and she soon becomes indispensable on the estate as a housekeeper, cook, and lab assistant. Laurience proves to her that he has developed a process which can transfer memory, habits, and soul from one lab monkey to another. The only question is will scientific ethics allow the procedure to be performed on humans. Dick Haslewood, an investigative reporter, tries unsuccessfully to learn details of the experiments while pursuing his romance with the beautiful young doctor. When Lord Haslewood, Dick's father, a publisher and business magnate, decides to underwrite Laurience's experiments as a publicity stunt for his tabloids, the scientist leaves himself open to ridicule by the British scientific establishment.


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