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A group of kids in Brooklyn form a gang. From this moment on they do everything together. This makes things easier but at the same time they have to face new problems.

It's 1958 in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. High school friends David 'Chico' Tyrell, Stanley Rosiello, Butchey Weinstein and Wimpy Murgalo comprise a gang called the Lords. They are motorcycle driving, smoking, wisecracking, leather jacket and slicked back hair wearing troublemakers who often use their fists to solve the problems in their lives. One problem that Stanley is facing is that he and his girlfriend Frannie Malincanico need to get married. Stanley and Frannie's respective views of marriage are from their immature teen-aged perspectives. Also facing girl problems is Chico, who has a casual relationship with Frannie's best friend, Annie Yuckamanelli. That changes when WASP Jane Bradshaw transfers into their school. Chico, with a little help from his friends, does whatever he can to impress Jane, not always with success.


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