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Cantor Rabinowitz is concerned and upset because his son Jakie shows so little interest in carrying on the family's traditions and heritage. For five generations, men in the family have been cantors in the synagogue, but Jakie is more interested in jazz and ragtime music. One day, they have such a bitter argument that Jakie leaves home for good. After a few years on his own, now calling himself Jack Robin, he gets an important opportunity through the help of well-known stage performer Mary Dale. But Jakie finds that in order to balance his career, his relationship with Mary, and his memories of his family, he will be forced to make some difficult choices. —Snow Leopardblackfacenational film registryafi1920sblockbuster62 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesWARNER BROS. Supreme Triumph ! ! !GenresDramaMusicMusicalRomanceCertificateUnratedParents guide


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