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A cashier poses as a writer for blacklisted talents to submit their work through, but the injustice around him pushes him to take a stand.

  • Martin Ritt
  • Columbia Pictures Corporation
  • Devon/Persky-Bright
  • Persky-Bright Productions
In the 50's, in New York City, the screenplay writer Alfred Miller meets his apolitical friend, the cashier of restaurant and smalltime bookmaker Howard Prince and tells him that he can not work anymore since he is blacklisted. Prince offers to sell his scripts to the producer of a TV station using his own name and Alfred offers a 10% commission to Prince. Prince uses the money to pay his debts and improve his life and soon he offers his name to two other blacklisted writers. Meanwhile he dates the TV screenplay editor Florence Barrett. When the veteran actor Hecky Brown is blacklisted and fired by the producer Phil Sussman, the idealistic Florence quits her job. But when Hecky Brown commits suicide, Prince takes a stand against the unjust system.


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