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As a documentarian cleans out the flat that belonged to his grandparents - both immigrants from Nazi Germany - he uncovers clues pointing to a complicated and shocking story.

German-Jew Gerda Tuchler has just passed away at the age of ninety-eight. Although she lived in the same Tel Aviv flat for most of her life with her long deceased husband Kurt Tuchler following the extradition of Jews from Germany in the 1930s, she was more emotionally German than Israeli as witnessed by the fact that she never learned how to speak Hebrew. One of her grandsons, Arnon Goldfinger, for his own historical record, decides to film the process of cleaning out Gerda's apartment, that process led by Gerda's daughter/Arnon's mother, Hannah Goldfinger. They all go into the process believing that beyond the painted portraits of Gerda and Kurt, there is little anyone would want to keep or that they would be able to sell among Gerda's possessions. However, they stumble across records that Gerda and Kurt were close friends with Leopold von Mildenstein, a high ranking Nazi official and mentor to Adolf Eichmann in the 1930s, and his wife, Gerda von Mildenstein, that friendship which was established in Germany before their extradition, and continued even after the war. Arnon then decides to step in front of the camera as he begins to search for information on that friendship with Hannah, whose generation had a "put the past behind" mentality especially about the war and Jewish persecution by the Nazis. That search for information not only delves into the Tuchler side, but also the von Mildenstein side, discussion of Naziism with von Mildenstein's relations which may be a touchy subject. Their discoveries will include what happened to Hannah's maternal grandmother, Susanne Lehmann, which makes the Tuchler/von Mildenstein friendship all the more astounding.


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