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  • Takashi Yamazaki
  • Production Companies
  • Toho Company
  • Amuse
  • Amuse Soft

26 year old Kentaro discovers his biological grandfather died as a kamikaze pilot during WW2. He and his sister begin an investigation into what kind of person he was, interviewing men who fought with him. There follows the story of Japanese Navy Air Service Platoon Sergeant Miyabe, as told by four of the men who knew him best. Intricately woven the film follows him through Pearl Harbor, the Midway Battle and the Battle for Okinawa. When he finally loses his will and respect for life he enrolls in the Special Attack Force and passes his responsibility to return to his wife and infant daughter on to a younger pilot. An engaging tale of a man brave enough to challenge accepted ways of thinking. —kwedgwood@hotmail.comfighter pilotjapanese airforce1940swife beaterplatoon147 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesA grandfather I never knew, Kyozo Miyabe. An incredible pilot but... biggest damn coward in the whole Navy.GenresActionDramaMysteryRomanceWarParents guideAdd content advisory


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