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Dishonest undertaker Waldo Trumbull and his sidekick Felix Gillie are creating their own customers when they cannot find willing ones.

The alcoholic director of the Hinchley & Trumbull Funeral Parlor Waldo Trumbull is a cheater that has married Amaryllis Trumbull in a marriage of convenience to get control of the business of her father Amos Hinchley. Trumbull has been using the same casket for more than thirteen years, dumping the corpses in their graves to resell the coffin. He also blackmails his only employee Felix Gillie that had robbed a bank and is an abusive husband, threatening to poison his father-in-law and not allowing Amaryllis to sing. Gillie has a crush on Amaryllis and loves to hear her singing. Trumbull owes more than one year of rental of his premise to Mr. John F. Black and he has no client. So he decides to improve his business killing Mr. Phipps to get a new client. However his wife Mrs. Phipps flees to Europe with all her possessions and does not pay for the funeral service. When Mr. Black duns his debts, Trumbull decides to kill him to make some money and resolve his financial problem. But Mr. Black is epileptic and his family wants to keep his body in a crypt instead of burying him in a grave. During the night, the Cemetery Keeper hears a cry and releases Mr. Black from the coffin in the beginning of a tragic night.


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