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A pesky yellow cat becomes the bane of Mr. Johnson's life as it constantly outsmarts his increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it.

  • Cordell Barker
  • National Film Board Of Canada (NFB)
Mr. Johnson is initially perturbed by the doorbell ringing interruption to his sousaphone playing, until he sees that the doorbell is an anonymous person leaving him a yellow cat wearing a bow tie. He is enamored with the cat until the cat starts to wreak havoc in his home. Mr. Johnson does whatever he can to get rid of the cat, often devising ingenious ways to do so (which often cause him some grief in the process), but time after time, the cat seems to make its way back to his house causing more and more damage. At his wits end, he decides to try a different tact, which although has a different result than he anticipated, does reach the end goal of not having to deal with the cat anymore. Or so he believes.


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