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  • Burt Gillett
  • Production Company
  • Walt Disney Productions

The two foolish little pigs escort Red Riding Hood on a short cut through the woods, against the advice of their bricklayer brother. When they encounter the wolf, Red runs ahead to granny's house and the pigs run home. The wolf gets to granny's house first and scares her into a closet, then dresses as granny. Alerted by his brothers, the smart pig arrives just as granny has pulled Red into the closet with her and takes care of the wolf with the help of some hot coals and popcorn. —Jon Reeves little red riding hood1930sslapstick comedythe three little pigsbig bad wolf character38 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesRed Riding Hood travels to visit her sick grandmother.GenresAnimationShortAdventureComedyFamilyMusicalCertificateApprovedParents guideAdd content advisory


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