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A couple is haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

In 1973, six paranormal psychologists tried to contact a recently deceased colleague named Charles Reamer and the event was known as The Charles Experiment. Decades later, the college student Patrick and his friends Lydia and another one repeat the experiment while a fourth student films them. In the present days, Kelly, who works at a pet shop and her boyfriend Ben, who works as an electronic technician, move together to the house of her mother that is empty. Soon they find that the house haunted by an evil force. When Ben checks his e-mails, he finds several messages from Patrick, including a video of a second experiment. Ben learns that Patrick has opened a gate and brought a gate and brought an evil spirit to our world. Now Kelly and Ben are in danger and their only chance it to meet Patrick and send the fiend back to his world.


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