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A bride's divorced parents find their old feelings for each other during the wedding reception and over the course of the next few days upsetting the newlywed's honeymoon.

Strait-laced graduate student, Molly de Mora, is getting married to Keith Marks, son of a conservative U.S. Senator with political aspirations of his own. The young couple has a dignified ceremony and reception at the Marks' stately country home because Molly could not trust either of her parents to host her wedding... not without serious bloodshed. Molly's mother is the famous and flamboyant actress, Lilly Leonard, and her father is successful writer and novelist, Dan de Mora. They are talented, creative and interesting people and they hate each other's guts. Over a decade earlier, their marriage ended in a volatile divorce. Dan found himself married to the mercenary redhead with whom Lilly caught Dan in an affair, Rowena; Lilly married the "sensitive" marriage counselor who was hired to help Dan and Lilly save their troubled marriage, Alan. When these parties meet for Molly's wedding, Molly fully expects fireworks and drama. But Molly does not expect her parents to disappear, together, leaving their respective spouses in turmoil. Molly is forced to turn to her mother's most persistent paparazzi, Joey Donna, to find her parents and possibly avoid scandal. Joey is a stringer (journalist) and his passions are photography and the career of Lilly Leonard. If anyone can find Lilly, it is Joey Donna. With Keith watching the discarded spouses, Molly must help Joey locate her parents and then talk sense into them. Molly and Keith should be enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii - not parenting overgrown adolescents. But Molly learns she is a lot more like her parents than she ever dreamed.


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