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In anthology style, a child tells three stories of horror to keep from being eaten by a witch.

Betty prepares a dinner party for eight guests with little Timmy, caged in the kitchen, to be the main dish. Buying time whilst hoping to escape, Timmy tells three horror stories: "Lot 249" - student Lee uses his best friend Andy's sister Susan to oust nerd Bellingham and take his place at the university. In retaliation, Bellingham brings a mummy to his room and, using a scroll to revive the dead, takes revenge against Lee and Susan, and later Andy. "Cat from Hell" - millionaire Drogan hires hit-man Halston to slay a cat-from-Hell that has killed three other people who lived with him at his mansion. Halston soon learns that the cat is truly from Hell. "Lover's Vow" - washed up artist Preston goes to friend Jer's bar to meet his agent Wyatt who thereby tells him he won't be his agent anymore. Preston commiserates until Jer closes the bar. As they leave together, Jer is attacked out of the blue and decapitated by a gargoyle. Preston is spared by promising the gargoyle never to reveal what has happened or what he saw. The gargoyle flies away. As Preston scurries home, he finds a woman, Carola, nearby and invites her to his flat to call a cab. They begin a romance. Ten years later and happily married with two children, Preston decides to disclose his secret to his wife - with tragic consequences for himself and his family.


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