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  • Shimako Sato
  • Production Companies
  • State Screen Productions
  • Tsuburaya Eizo
  • Furama
  • Alex [Julian Sands] is a vampire but he drinks only the blood of animals. Anne Baker [Suzanna Hamilton] has just suffered the death of her boyfriend. Anne and Alex have never crossed each other paths until a mysterious man in a hat gets Anne a job at the Library where Alex comes each evening to read aged documents in search of information about a 19th century woman named Virginia Clemm. There is a resemblence between Anne and Virginia which Alex cannot help noticing, and the two become friends. The day after Alex "kisses" Anne for the first time, the mysterious stranger appears to warn her that Alex's "love bite" is actually the bite of a vampire. Anne goes to Alex's house, intending to kill him while he sleeps, but instead she asks him to make her a vampire. Alex refuses. Anne disappears. Alex finds her lying on his bed, dead, wrapped in red ribbon, a thank-you present for Alex's "undying love". From the shadows springs the mysterious man. He impales Alex with a sword and finally identifies himself as Edgar Clemm [Kenneth Cranham], the husband of Virginia. Edgar is also a vampire, and he is the one responsible for Anne's death (among others). In addition, he reveals to Alex that he has imprisoned Virginia in a lead box under the North Sea, there to suffer alone the vampire "undeath" until the end of time. This is to be her punishment for betraying him. As Edgar bends to kiss Anne, Alex impales him with a pole and tosses his body into the river below. Alex attempts to "awaken" Anne but to no avail.

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