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  • Sam Irvin
  • Fred Olen Ray
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When anthropology professor Stephanie gets engaged to her boyfriend Ben after only sixth months of dating, they head to Stephanie's family's Palm Springs vacation house excited to share the news. But Stephanie's parents, Robert and Eleanore, are immediately concerned the couple has moved too fast and compares them to Stephanie's older sister, Tracy who also recently got engaged to her boyfriend of ten years, Preston. Since it was always their favorite holiday as kids, Stephanie and Tracy work out an arrangement where Tracy and Preston will get married this Fourth of July at the house and Stephanie and Ben will get married the next summer. But after Stephanie finds out her parents are selling the house, she realizes that her and Ben's plans must change. After Ben is offered a job abroad, Stephanie starts to wonder if perhaps her and Ben aren't on the same page about their future. As she spends the summer helping plan her sister's wedding, Stephanie learns that the love Ben and her share can carry them through any obstacle that comes their way. —Happy_Evil_Dudelos angeles californiapalm springs californiaengagementfiance fiancee relationshipparents daughter relationship15 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresComedyRomanceCertificateTV-GParents guideAdd content advisory


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