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A frustrated woman's life gets even more frustrating once she gets into an affair with a man who suffers a fatal heart attack after their fling.

A frustrated thirtysomething wife had a one-day-affair with an unknown man, who dies during the love act in a hotel room. So she runs away and loses her wallet. A blind-salesman who is out for THE job finds the wallet and enters the opened room to place his blinds at the window. But he doesn't know, that a dead man is lying nearby. He accidentally falls with the bar on to the head of the man and thinks he killed him. Then it's getting complicated. He calls the woman who lost her wallet to help him. They let it look like a suicide, call the police and leave the room. The sales-man's brother is a cop who is out for a career in the Police Departement and investigates the dead. So the cop is falling in love with the woman's best girlfriend, the woman finds out, that the dead man was actually her husbands brother, who wanted to visit the family (where everybody is a doctor). And there is no end of those complications...


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