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A sweet mother takes a little too much at heart for the defence of her family.

The Sutphins - dentist father Eugene, housewife mother Beverly, and late teen children, boy-crazy and flea market aficionado Misty, and horror movie fan Chip - are a stereotypical suburban family living in Baltimore. Beverly in particular is seen as being "perfect" in her quest to be just like the television mothers of the late 1950s. In that perfection, Beverly does and will not tolerate anything against her sensibilities, especially if it affects her or her family, and will take whatever measure to ensure people adhere to that sensibility... or else. Slowly, evidence mounts that Beverly is the perpetrator of obscene telephone calls to neighbor Dottie Hinkle, and the murders of several people in their neighborhood who have crossed their family in some form or another. Beverly laughs off such suggestions, but even her family members end up believing she is guilty of all the murders, with possibly more to come. Those accusations end up being not an issue to most in the Sutphin family, who use their fifteen minutes of fame to their advantage. Even Beverly believes that she can clear herself of all charges despite the overwhelming evidence against her.


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